Jagmohan Bhanver is a prolific writer and writing has been his passion since he was old enough to walk. The indelible scribbling on the walls of his previous homes (where he spent his childhood days) bears testament to this insane drive to write. On a more serious note, he penned his first set of verse at the age of eight and this was published as extracts in magazines when he was just about completing his tenth year. Essays, other non fiction writing and short stories formed the bulk of what he wrote in his teenage years. As an adult, he has written several scripts and screenplays for popular TV serials, and is currently fine tuning a script for a commercial film.

His first serious writing (in the self help genre) was completed by the time he was eighteen. It was initially not intended for public reading. However, over the years as he spent time in counseling he happened to share bits and pieces from the book with a large number of people. Reading the extracts surprisingly helped a lot of these people deal with problems and challenges they were facing in their lives. They shared what they had read with others. And what started as a few sheets of paper randomly handed over to a few select people turned into a tidal wave of men and women wanting to read more. It was then in 2004 (eleven years after he had finished the first draft of the book) that Jagmohan decided to seek a publisher for this book.

And that is how Get Happy Now was born!

The book (Get Happy Now) was immediately lapped up by one of the leading publishers in India – Jaico Books – and it became an instant bestseller across the country. This was at a time when people in India weren’t really interested in reading non-fiction. But the book maintained the Top Ten slot at bookstores for a significant duration. Subsequently, it was among the Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestsellers too for an extended period.

Jagmohan’s second book was published in 2006 and was called Think! Your way to Millions. This was on the subject of Behavioral Finance and was nominated for the best non-fiction award by Hutch-Crossword in India. This is one of the few books on behavioral finance and in Jagmohan’s patent style he has explained the most complex concepts in a manner understandable to the lay reader. The book shows the reader how to use the knowledge of basic psychology to manage their money better and not make expensive financial mistakes. Various organizations including national and international banks have since then led the way to have concepts from this book shared with their senior managers and select clients, as part of Jagmohan’s exclusive seminars. This book too was published by Jaico Books.

After writing his second book, Jagmohan focused his attention on building his diverse businesses while keeping aside time to coach corporate head honchos. After a break of more than eight years, Jagmohan has picked up on his first love – writing. And this year, he has two powerful releases planned.

New releases

The first of Jagmohan’s new releases this year is a book on Satya Nadella; the man who has taken the world by storm after being RECENTLY announced as the third CEO in the history of Microsoft. This is a powerful read for all those people wanting to know about the Indian from Hyderabad who raced ahead of several high profile potential leaders including Stephen Elop (former CEO of Nokia) and Alan Mulally (CEO of Ford Motor Company) to head one of the most revered organizations in the world. For most readers there will be several eye popping facts and anecdotes about Microsoft and Nadella in this book. This book has been commissioned by Hachette – one of the leading publishers in the world – and is slated for release as an exclusive E-book edition in the first half of 2014. It is titled, Nadella – The changing face of Microsoft.

The other new release is called The Curse of Brahma. This is the first part of a three-volume trilogy on Krishna and is being released by Rupa Publications towards the end of 2014. The trilogy covers those parts of Krishna’s life that have possibly never been heard of or been talked about before. The Curse of Brahma therefore begins with Brahma cursing his favorite student and banishing him to the deepest hole in hell. This is two-hundred years before Krishna is born. How this curse becomes the cornerstone of Krishna’s birth and how it affects his later life is covered in a series of twists and turns that will leave the reader gasping for breath. Nothing and no one is what they seem. There are plots and sub plots and the characters in the story appear as if they are getting ready to leap out of the pages.

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