GET HAPPY NOW - Ten Steps to Happiness


Whenever you face a problem in life, you have two choices – you can let the problem overwhelm you or you can see it as an opportunity to grow as a person, to become better.

The first choice leads to frustration; the other to happiness. What doesn’t change is the fact that you have a choice – you can choose to be happy about something or you can choose to be unhappy!

Get Happy Now shows how you can make the right choice. It demonstrates the power of attitude – the critical factor that determines how different people react differently to the same problem. The lessons from this book are applicable equally to corporate life as they are to one’s personal life.

The setting keeps on changing. The only constant is YOU!

Get Happy Now leads you through a wondrous journey of self-realization and helps prepare you to be a happier person. It will equip you to better handle the trials of life, whether it is in accepting yourself as you are or accepting others as they are, to the intricacies of handling relationships, managing pain….

Let the magic that is YOU unfold….



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