Jagmohan Bhanver is rated among the most powerful speakers in Asia and one of the most popular Asian speakers across the globe.

His most frequent speaking assignments are on Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring.

He travels extensively to various countries, taking seminars on a range of leadership constructs. His audiences have gained tremendously from his seminars whether it is from his path breaking ideas on goal setting and performance management or simply how to create more market driven organizations.

His latest paper on “leaders as super motivators” has been finding takers in various corporate houses globally and has also been introduced in top B-schools as part of management lessons for executive MBA’s.

Jagmohan is tremendously effective with audiences irrespective of their composition, given his immense adaptability as a speaker. Younger audiences find his sessions inspirational and top executives swear by his ability to put across abstruse and complex concepts in a cogent and comprehensible manner.

Jagmohan addresses close to a quarter million people every year through conclaves, public seminars and private/club conferences. He is regularly featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows for his management mantras and on various Business related issues.

While Jagmohan has spoken on a few dozen different topics, the ones his audiences find the most fascinating are:

  • LeaderSHIFT – on the need to adapt leadership styles to the changing needs of the environment and people
  • Super Motivation – on how to take people from being merely motivated to being inspired
  • Dynamic Living – how to live a life that addresses all vital dimensions of your life, viz, the Financial quadrant, Emotional quadrant, Physical quadrant & the Spiritual quadrant
  • Don’t Sell your Product; Sell yourself – this seminar actually helps people move beyond being considered as “typical sales persons” to “solution providers”. This is an attitude changing program
  • HR as a strategic business partner – this seminar essentially delivers practical strategies of how HR can achieve this objective
  • Pygmalion – this seminar has changed more loves than it is possible to mention here. At the end of this talk, participants understand how they are contributing to keeping themselves within their own “potential traps”. They also identify the myriad ways in which other people or situations might combine to create negative self fulfilling prophecies. Most importantly, they are able to think through specific transformational strategies on how to create a successful life script for themselves
  • Speak Up – this seminar is meant to create powerful public speakers and presenters. People have found this to be a tremendous success as they see themselves moving from being an intimidated speaker to a powerful presenter on the stage

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