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What is Nadella: The Changing Face of Microsoft about?

Nadella: The Changing Face of Microsoft is an incisive and inspiring book on Satya Nadella; the man from Hyderabad who has created history by becoming the third CEO of Microsoft worldwide. But it just doesn’t limit itself to his becoming head honcho for one of the most revered companies in the world. The book actually traces Nadella’s early life and his several achievements that led to his meteoric rise within the software giant. And it also provides interesting and rare tidbits about Microsoft that are not common knowledge. Therefore, the book in a way toggles between the man (Satya Nadella) and the organization (Microsoft) he leads today.

So is this book only for IT professionals?

Certainly not! This book is about Nadella the person; not Nadella the IT man. It’s an interesting and inspiring read and people from any background or sphere in life will find it equally entertaining and motivating.

How has the book been written?

The book is divided into five logical parts. Each section deals with specific stages in Nadella’s life and shares relevant incidents and facts about that stage. The fifth and last part (The Next Act) is actually an attempt to look into the future to see what Nadella must do to propel Microsoft back into the leadership slot it once occupied.

How long will I take to read the book?

The book has been structured in such a manner that each section provides a more or less independent account of Nadella and Microsoft. However, if one were to read it from cover to cover, it shouldn’t take a person more than three hours to finish the same.

What’s the big deal about Nadella becoming the CEO of Microsoft?

In the entire forty years of Microsoft’s history, this is the third CEO the company has announced. The first was Bill Gates, the man who founded the organization. The second was Steve Ballmer who was an erstwhile friend of Gate’s at Harvard. Both these men were very intricately connected to Microsoft. One founded the company, and the other was amongst the first few employees.

However, Nadella was more of an outsider. He was not from Harvard or any of the usual Ivy league colleges. Neither was he an IIT-IIM alumnus from India. More importantly, he was an immigrant to the USA and by the time he joined Microsoft the company was already a legend in some sense. For Nadella to have beaten these odds and finish the race ahead of several other stalwarts is definitely an inspiring story for a lot of people out there. I’m hoping after reading this book, not only will a lot of us know more about Nadella, but there will be a few who will go on in life to equal or surpass whatever Nadella has achieved till now.

How did you decide to write this book?

Hachette India approached me and asked me if I would be interested to write a book on Nadella. This was the time when Nadella had begun to make waves globally with his ‘Mobile first, Cloud first’ slogan and the battle for the CEO of Microsoft was in full form. I was initially a little hesitant as at that time I was trying to give the finishing touches to my novel, The curse of Brahma (this is the first part in a Krishna trilogy).

However, I had always been fascinated by Nadella and I realized he could possibly be an inspiration for thousands of Indians and youngsters from other nations. I decided to take a break from the novel and told Hachette I would love to do the book. Hachette commissioned the book and we started the arduous process of giving shape to a book that we felt could inspire several people across the globe.

So, has the novel been put on the backburner?

Not at all. The Curse of Brahma is complete and has already been picked up by Rupa Publications. It should be hitting the market later this year. I am now working on the second volume of the Krishna trilogy, called The Rise of the Yadavas.

Would you like it if readers want to be in touch with you or would that be considered an invasion of your privacy?

Well, I love interacting with people. This was one of the main reasons I left a lucrative banking career a decade back. The idea was to have more time and freedom to interact with people, without having any specific agenda in mind.

I would therefore be very happy to interact with people on any of the social media platforms where I am present. The preferable ones would be Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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