Get Happy Now is a miracle book. It completely changed the way I thought about life and my problems. Reading it when I was totally low in life really helped me so much.

(Aditya Mehra, Mumbai)

I thought Think your way to millions would be a boring book and I only picked it up because I had read an article on the book in the newspaper. I read it one year after buying it and I was so miserable that I hadn’t read it before that. It helped me see how I was losing money doing the wrong things every day. I feel more in control now

(Varsha Shah, Ahmedabad)

I am not a technology buff. I heard about Nadella: The Changing Face of Microsoft from my colleagues at office. And i really enjoyed it, despite not knowing anything about tech. Jagmohan has made Nadella come alive right from the opening pages of the book, and i must admit i was really proud to see an Indian at the top of one of the largest companies in the world. Great job Jagmohan. I loved the book.

(Maria Shekhar)

I loved the book. It's to the point and gives you all that you want to know about Nadella as well as Microsoft. The best part is how the author has made an otherwise mundane subject so interesting. Thumbs up to the book and to the author!!!!

(Arjit Basu)

After a long time i have read a book that doesn't stop at doing lip service to the person the book is about. The author, Jagmohan Bhanver has shared Nadella's charisma as well as Microsoft's pertinent failures in the past. Altogether it is a very interesting book along with being truly informative. Kudos to you, Jagmohan.

(Paresh Shah)

A very good book to read. Specially for tech savvy people. Got to know much more things about Microsoft which i didn't knew earlier.

(Sagar Ubhare)

Nadella: The Changing Face of Microsoft is a fast paced book with a lot of interesting facts about the new CEO of Microsoft. It was amazing to read how much the man has done in so short a time. Thumbs up for India and Indians. And a high five for the book and its author.

(Shanjali Shahi)

This book (Nadella: The Changing Face of Microsoft) was very interesting for me as the history of Microsoft is effectively woven into Nadella's contributions. It's almost like being a part of Microsoft's evolution through Nadella's eyes.


Perfectly well written!! Enjoyed myself all throughout the book. Liked the different phases of nadella with Microsoft. All the best to Mr. Bhanver.

(Shafali, New Delhi)

While we Indians are immensely proud of Satya Nadella and his Indian connection, we barely know anything more than that about him. This book surely makes for a very interesting read, taking us through the insights of Nadella’s life, right from his childhood days to his becoming the 3 rd CEO of a giant called Microsoft. While Microsoft was once known for its innovations, it had started to loose its sheen somewhere down the line. At a point in time where technology brings in new changes every passing day, it becomes imperative for Microsoft to take up these challenges. The appointment of Nadella as the top boss has sent signals to the entire technology industry to watch out for the innovations the company has in store. The book interestingly touches upon the personal and professional life of Nadella and what the tech industry can expect in the near future from Microsoft. On the whole an enlightening and inspiring must read.

(Neeti Macker, Gurgaon)

An excellent read for all IT and marketing professionals. Though the book is a treatise on Nadella, I found some pertinent lessons as an IT professional on how to face the competition from Microsoft, Amazon and Google in the world of cloud and Mobile services. The book makes for an interesting reading as it twines in the excerpts from Nadellas life that influenced his career in Microsoft, his growth and successes with real time knowledge on latest technologies like Cloud and Mobile. All in all interesting, insightful and greatly inspiring book. Kudos to the author for spinning a fairy tale from a backdrop of hardcore technology. Best wishes to you Jagmohan

(Anjali Joneja Amar)


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