Volume One in the Krishna Trilogy


“The savior will be born at midnight tomorrow, and he will be the foremost warrior in all the three worlds.”

The name of the warrior was murmured softly by the Lord of Svetadvipa and it was taken up by all the Devas present, till the hushed whisperings reached a crescendo and one name echoed throughout the land – Krishna…. Krishna…. Krishna!

3112 BC ….. The date when a mortal predestined to be a God was born in what was then known as Mrityulok. His mission was to rid the land of evil. People gave him various names, but he gained glory as the one they called Krishna.

What very few people know however is that the seeds of this warrior’s arrival on Mrityulok were sown two hundred years prior to his birth.

It all began in 3312 BC. In a fit of rage, Brahma banishes his star pupil from Swarglok. This man is neither a Deva nor an Asura. Cursed by Brahma, he is relegated to the lowest level within the netherworld. Mortally wounded, and anguished at Brahma’s unfair punishment, he struggles to survive in Tamastamah Prabha, the hell of hells within Pataal Lok.

Saved by Bhargava, the one man who believes in him, he rises in time to become known as the Dark Lord….the most feared figure in all of Pataal Lok. His plan is to assemble an army of demons in the netherworld to take over the mortals of Mrityulok. The final objective is to wage a war on Brahma and all those who were responsible for his downfall.

Brahma’s curse unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that threaten to forever alter the fate of all the three worlds, including Mrityulok. Vasudev, the brave Prince of Bateshwar, becomes the unwitting hunter of Asura assassins. His closest friend, Kansa is fatally wounded when he tries to save his sister Devki from a group of deadly monsters. The hand of the Dark Lord is visible as elsewhere, some of the most valiant Kings in Mrityulok, start turning over to the Dark side, driven by forces beyond their control.

There is only one person who can threaten the success of his plans; the beautiful and mischievous Princess of Madhuvan, Devki. For she is the one who will give birth to the warrior, Krishna. Devki must die, and the Dark Lord uses the one man who loves her the most to do this deed….her beloved brother Kansa, the valiant Prince of Madhuvan. But in order to do this, he has to first destroy Kansa’s noble soul. Kansa begins to change as the Dark Lord uses his powers to turn him over to the Dark side. The man considered by most to be the next King of Madhuvan turns into a paranoid monster leaving a trail of carnage wherever he goes. Kansa’s shocking transformation from a noble Prince to a merciless butcher is complete even as Vasudev and Devki are rejoicing in their imminent marriage.

Bhoomidevi, the guardian goddess of the mortal world seeks help from Brahma and Shiva to stop the carnage happening on Mrityulok. Together they travel to Svetadvipa to meet the one person who can deliver the savior to them. The Lord of Svetadvipa announces the ordained birth of a warrior who will save the three worlds from the revenge of the Dark Lord…..a savior yet to be born. The Gods christen the savior “Krishna” – the warrior who will grow to strike fear in the heart of Evil. Krishna’s name reverberates across the pristine waters of Svetadvipa where all the Devas and the Supreme Gods are gathered. But will the Dark Lord allow Krishna to be born? Will Devki live to give birth to the warrior, who in time the world will turn into a God?

And the most important question of all – Is the Dark Lord evil incarnate or a betrayed hero?


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