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What is the novel - The Curse of Brahma about?

The Curse of Brahma is the first volume in a trilogy on Krishna. It includes a cast of characters, some of whom are known to majority of the people whereas there are others who may be entirely new for most people. The key premise of The Curse of Brahma is that Krishna’s birth as a mortal was pre-ordained the day Brahma cursed his star pupil, an enigmatic man called Amartya Kalyanesu. Brahma’s curse sets in motion a chain of events that not even he is able to control. Loyalties shift as situations undergo a dramatic change. Misunderstandings are created and powerful friends transform into sworn enemies. Finally, the stage is set for the arrival of the man whom the world will know as Krishna.

Why does a book on Krishna have the name of Brahma?

For the simple reason that if Brahma had not cursed his star pupil (Amartya Kalyanesu), events would not have conspired to lead to Krishna’s birth. Brahma is the unwitting cause of Krishna’s birth, and that is the reason for the title of this particular volume in the trilogy.

How is this book different from other books on Krishna?

While a lot has been said and written about Krishna, the fact is that almost every book ends up telling us the story of Krishna as we know it from childhood. I didn’t want to repeat the same story. Every book in the market shows Krishna either as a childhood prankster or later on as the friend of the Pandavas. The fact is that those are relatively insignificant aspects of Krishna’s life.

The Krishna trilogy (starting with The Curse of Brahma) as narrated by me provides an entirely different rationale for Krishna’s birth on earth. Moreover, it also includes that part of his life (From the age of fifteen to his early thirties) that no one has written or spoken about till date. And perhaps most interestingly, the trilogy shows Krishna as a mortal who earned the right to be called a God rather than someone who was born divine. Also, every character in the book – irrespective of how much has been written about them earlier – has been characterized differently, and been provided shades of grey. This not only makes them more credulous but in my humble opinion lends each character a different persona that defines them. Reading the trilogy therefore, will be like experiencing Krishna in an entirely new light.

Is this book pure fiction?

With subjects like Krishna, it is difficult to say where facts end and fiction begins. However, the fact is that Krishna was a real character who lived more than 5,000 years ago and I have taken facts wherever available and woven fiction around the same. Therefore, the result is a book that is part fiction and part reality.

You say Krishna was a real person. But wasn’t he a God?

This is a rather philosophical question. Our holy texts give us different definitions of Gods and Devas. And the same texts tell us that even a Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu cease to exist and are reborn at defined cycles in time. What makes them a God is therefore not their immortality but how they live their life during the period of their existence. By that logic, people might be correct when they refer to Krishna as a God as he epitomized everything that may be called godly.

Having said that, various facts and evidence suggests that Krishna was a real person who lived a little more than 5,000 years ago. The way he lived his life and his exemplary deeds compelled people to give him the status of a God amongst Gods.

Will you be covering these facts in The Curse of Brahma and in the other two books of the trilogy?

Yes, all the three books within the trilogy address Krishna’s dual existence – the mortal who came to be known as a God.

How long did it take you to write The Curse of Brahma?

The research took close to six years and the actual writing of the first book in thr trilogy (The Curse of Brahma) took another two years.

What are the other two books in the Krishna trilogy called?

The second book in the trilogy is called The Rise of the Yadavas. It covers the period in Krishna’s life between the age of fifteen and his early thirties. This is the period no one has ever written or spoken about. The third and final book in the trilogy is called The Drums of Kurukshetra. This is where his true nature is revealed. Unlike the other texts, this doesn’t just show him as a supporting entity in the Great War, but as the central character. The Great War itself is described entirely differently and from Krishna’s perspective. The great finale is the biggest surprise and will leave the readers of the trilogy guessing till the last moment.

Who is publishing The Curse of Brahma?

The Curse of Brahma is initially being published in India and the Indian sub-continent. Rupa Publications are the publishers for this.

Will The Curse of Brahma be converted to a movie?

It is premature to say anything at this stage. I have had a preliminary discussion with a major production house regarding this. But these kind of projects take time, given the scale of production and the large canvas required to do justice to a subject like this.

Would you like it if readers want to be in touch with you or would that be considered an invasion of your privacy?

Well, I love interacting with people. This was one of the main reasons I left a lucrative banking career a decade back. The idea was to have more time and freedom to interact with people, without having any specific agenda in mind.

I would therefore be very happy to interact with people on any of the social media platforms where I am present. The preferable ones would be Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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