THINK! Your way to Millions is the first book by an Indian author on the subject of Behavioral Finance. Behavioral Finance deals with the psychology of investor decisions. This book shows how anyone can use the principles of Behavioral Finance to create more wealth and save more money. By reading this book and applying the principles contained herein, ordinary people can discover extraordinary opportunities for creating wealth.

This book will be useful not only for corporate executives but for anyone who is looking for a way to generate financial success – be it financial practitioners, housewives, students or investors. However, this book does not stop at wealth creation techniques; it helps people understand how they make decisions, what are the psychological barriers to making the right choices and much more….

THINK! Your way to Millions is a path breaking work on the psychology of human behavior. It demystifies a whole lot of things, including age old questions such as:

  • Why do people hoard money in savings accounts when they are actually losing money by keeping it in that account?
  • Why do lottery winners more often than not lose all their newly acquired wealth and revert to their old ways?
  • Why do investors sell stocks just before the share prices go up, and why do they keep holding on to stocks that are losing in value?
  • Why do some people actually lose money when they get gifted money?
  • Why is a 10% compensation hike more attractive to people when the inflation rate is a high 12%, compared to a 5% raise in compensation when the inflation rate is 7%?
  • Why do we spend more money on credit cards than on cash?
  • Why do mutual fund investors make less money than the funds they invested in?
  • Why is following the herd not the best strategy?


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