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What is Think! your way to Millions about?

Think! Your way to Millions is a book on the subject of Behavioral Finance. Behavioral Finance deals with the psychology of investor decisions.

So is this book only for bankers or finance professionals?

Not at all…Everyone makes decisions every single day that have to do with money and wealth creation or dissipation.
This book shows how anyone can use the principles contained herein to create more wealth and save more money. By reading this book and applying the principles contained herein, ordinary people can discover extraordinary opportunities for creating wealth.

This book will be useful for anyone who is looking for a way to generate financial success – be it financial practitioners, housewives, students or investors. However, this book does not stop at wealth creation techniques; it helps people understand how they make decisions, what are the psychological barriers to making the right choices and much more….

How has the book been written?

The book has been written in a manner that anyone can understand. Each concept has been explained with the help of an example; and in some cases several illustrations. The language is simple and even the examples have been taken from every day experiences of ordinary people.

How long will I take to read the book?

Most people take between four to six hours to finish this book. After that it depends on you which sections you want to go back and refer, depending on a particular situation you need help on.

You speak at various international forums. Is this book meant for the international audience or will it help an Indian reader too?

As I keep telling people, decisions and money are not restricted to a particular country. This book deals with the decisions and choices we make; and how those decisions can either help us create more wealth or destroy whatever wealth we may have. To answer your question, this book is meant for any and everyone who wants to understand why and how they make a decision and how they can use this knowledge to lead a richer and fuller life.

How did you decide to write this book?

I was in a discussion with the Country Manager of one of the leading MNC financial sector companies based in India. We were talking about how I could do seminars for some of the company’s high net worth clients to help them add more value to their existing wealth. During the discussion, the person I was talking to suggested how useful it would be if there was a book on the subject. And that’s how Think! Your way to Millions was born.

How has the book done so far?

The book was published in 2006 and was the first book in this space in India. It has since then been used by people from varying industries and backgrounds to help them make better financial decisions. It was also nominated for the Hutch Crossword book award. Even today, every time I conduct a seminar on the psychology of decisions and wealth creation, the book gets picked up instantly by the participants.

How long did it take to complete the book?

I spent seven years writing the book. After that it took me eight years to decide I wanted to get it published. Once that decision was taken, it took a week to get a confirmation from the publishers. And within two months of that the book was launched in the market.

Writing a book like this would make you some kind of a wizard at making money?

Well, despite having been a senior banker with large national and foreign banks let me confess that I have made a lot of financial mistakes in my own life. And there have been some really poor decisions I have taken too. The god thing is that I have used all my mistakes and other people’s mistakes and condensed them in this book so that readers do not repeat the same mistakes others (including I) have made in our life.

How long did it take to complete the book?

I had the benefit of having a team of five researchers and a couple of organizations, including the financial services company I was consulting for at the time of writing this book helping me. It still took more than a year to complete the book in a form that publishers would be keen to look at. Once that was done at my end, the publishers instantly did their bit and came put with the book within two months of the same being completed.

Would you like it if readers want to be in touch with you or would that be considered an invasion of your privacy?

Well, I love interacting with people. This was one of the main reasons I left a lucrative banking career a decade back. The idea was to have more time and freedom to interact with people, without having any specific agenda in mind.

I would therefore be very happy to interact with people on any of the social media platforms where I am present. The preferable ones would be Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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